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Here is a list of things I am currently working on or learning.

i3 to Sway Migration

I am currently migrating from i3 to sway.

Everything seems to work as I wish, except for the multi-touch gestures.

I have to find a replacement for touchegg 😢.

ZSH hacking

I previously used bash as my shell, but I recently switched to zsh.

I started out with oh-my-zsh, but I quickly realized that it’s too bloated for my taste.

The startup time was a bit slow and I didn’t need most of the features. So I started to build my own setup from scratch.

With all the things shaved off that I don’t need, I managed to spin up a new shell twice as fast as before.

The greatest impact on the startup time was the removal of the nvm script.

But as I need nvm for my daily work, I decided to try out lazy loading the nvm script.

This helped to shave off quite some time from the startup time.

I’m quite happy with the results.

i3 + Polybar + Rofi

In my continous quest to find the perfect desktop setup, when it comes to productivity and aesthetics, I’m yet again back to i3wm. I am currently working on a new setup with i3, Polybar and Rofi.

Back in the days I used i3wm with dmenu and a custom statusbar and was quite happy with it, but then I switched to regular Gnome, MacOS and now Pop!_OS.

I am quite happy with Pop!_OS, its launcher, it’s speed and simplicity, but I’m always eager to improve and I see a lot of potential in going back i3wm.

Follow my journey with i3wm on my dotfiles repo.


I migrated my wishlist to a simple markdown file.

Tracking time

My wife needed a time tracking tool for her work.

The requirements were simple:

  • Track time ⏰ for different projects
  • Offline 🙈 first citizen
  • No bullshit 💩 like ads or tracking or login requirements or subscription fees
  • Export the data as PDF
  • Ideally it should work well with Linux 🐧, Mac and Windows

I didn’t research much, but I didn’t find anything that fits the bill.

So I decided to build a simple time tracking tool myself. It started off as a simple TUI app in Go, but I quickly realized that I my wife would prefer a GUI.

So I started building a simple Electron app. Then I migrated everything from Electron and plain JS to React, TypeScript and Vite including a CI/CD pipeline.

Welcome to timetrack ⏰.

Move to Pop!_OS

I recently moved from ArchLinux (10y+) to MacOS (because work-related stuff) and now I settled with ❤️ Pop!_OS.

Fresh start

I cleaned up my dotfiles repo.

I recently moved from ArchLinux (10y+) to MacOS (because work-related stuff) and now I settled with ❤️ Pop!_OS.

What are you using?

I created a uses page to list the tools and software I use.

Powered by SvelteKit

I have migrated this site to SvelteKit.

The site is now statically generated and hosted on a cheap Hetzner cloud instance. The deployment is automated with GitHub Actions.

Learning SvelteKit

I am currently learning SvelteKit, a framework for building web applications with Svelte. I am excited to see how it compares to other frameworks like React and Vue.